Tel Aviv CRISPR Tomatoes: Gene Editing Breakthrough Creates Water-Saving Super Crops

CRISPR Tomatoes

Researchers at Tel Aviv University recently publicized an agricultural science breakthrough. Thanks to CRISPR gene editing, they developed new tomato varieties, maintaining yield while using less water. This innovation tackles the pressing challenge of raising crop yields with diminishing freshwater availability, an escalating concern with global warming. The study was led by Professor Shaul Yalovsky … Read more

Chinese Astronauts Grow Tomatoes, Lettuce On Space Station

Chinese astronauts aboard the Shenzhou 16 have successfully grown fresh vegetables on the Tiangong space station, part of China’s plans for future deep space exploration. Mission commander Jing Haipeng and astronauts Zhu Yangzhu and Gui Haichao cultivated lettuce starting in June, harvesting four batches. In August, they grew cherry tomatoes and green onions. The Shenzhou-16 … Read more

Afghanistan’s First Tomato Paste Plant Begins Operations

Afghanistan's First Tomato Paste Plant Begins Operations

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – A new tomato paste plant established in Kandahar province signals exciting possibilities for Afghanistan’s agricultural sector. The $6 million facility began operations this month, producing 100 tons of tomato paste daily and providing jobs for 50 workers. Summary Key Details Description New Tomato Plant in Kandahar A new tomato paste plant was … Read more

Trade Tensions Could Spike Tomato Prices for Arizona and U.S. Consumers

Trade Tensions Could Spike Tomato Prices for Arizona and U.S. Consumers

If a Florida group wins a trade disagreement, Arizona might soon feel the pinch in their wallets. The International Trade Administration weighs public feedback regarding the Florida group’s proposal. This group aims to end an accord regulating the import of fresh Mexican tomatoes since 2019. So, why does this matter? Arizona could face consequences if … Read more