Super Sweet 100 Tomato: Unraveling the Best in Cherry Tomatoes!

Key Takeaways

  • They produce incredibly sweet, vine-ripened fruits 🍅
  • Can yield up to 100 fruits per plant branch! 🤯
  • Start seeds indoors about four weeks before the last frost 🌱
  • Space plants 24” apart for disease prevention 🚫
  • Requires staking or trellising for support 🪢
  • Resistant to fusarium & verticillium wilts 🦠
  • Harvest ripe tomatoes just 60 days after transplanting outdoors 🌞
  • Versatile for salads, pizza, sauces, roasting, & more 🥗
  • Store extras by refrigerating or freezing whole 🥶
  • Seeds and plants are widely available from reputable sources 🛒

Super Sweet 100 Tomato: Unraveling the Best in Cherry Tomatoes!

There are various options available for growing cherry tomatoes, including yellow, purple, and striped varieties. However, if you desire exceptional harvests and flavor, the Super Sweet 100 tomato is recommended.

Super Sweet 100 Tomato

Super Sweet 100 is a cherry tomato variety that stands out for its vigorous growth, early fruit production, continuous yields, disease resistance, and sweet flavor.

In this article, I will provide information about a specific hybrid tomato. This will include its background, flavor, where to purchase seeds, and instructions for growing them at home. Let’s begin.

About The Super Sweet 100 Tomato

The Super Sweet 100 tomato is an indeterminate, hybrid variety that has been improved from the original ‘Sweet 100.’

The plants grow well and are known for producing large tomato trusses filled with fruits. It is said that the name “Super Sweet 100” indicates the plant’s ability to produce up to 100 fruits on a single branch.

In addition to its high productivity, Super Sweet 100 is resistant to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt, two devastating diseases. This resistance provides peace of mind for growers.

This variety has become widely available throughout the country. During early spring, you can easily find mature plants at nurseries for a reasonable price. This is a convenient choice if you start late or prefer to wait to start tomatoes from seeds.

Super Sweet 100 Tomato

Super Sweet 100 Tomato Flavor

Super Sweet 100 tomatoes are known for their exceptional sweetness and are often referred to as “vine candy” by growers.

When picked at the perfect ripeness, Super Sweet 100s are delicious, with a balanced sweetness and tangy tartness. Approximately half of our harvests are consumed fresh from the vine while I am tending to the garden, while the other half are stored in the fridge for salads and snacking.

Cherry tomatoes can also be utilized to enhance the flavor of sauces or soups, although it may be more convenient to cultivate a larger tomato for this purpose. Additionally, if one is unable to consume all the fruits before they spoil, cherry tomatoes can be easily frozen.

Super Sweet 100 Seeds & Growing

The Super Sweet 100 variety of seeds can typically be found in local garden centers and home improvement stores or can be purchased online.

Cherry tomatoes are known for their easy care and maintenance. The Super Sweet 100 variety is indeterminate, meaning it will keep growing and require a stake or trellis.

It is recommended to start the seeds indoors approximately four weeks prior to the local last frost. It is important to provide them with ample space to grow while indoors and to use grow lights for optimal outcomes. It is also advisable to harden off the plants to prevent sun scald when they are transitioned into the light.

Super Sweet 100s can be grown in containers, raised beds, or the ground. It is recommended to bottom prune and also prune some of the sucker shoots that develop during the season. More information about pruning tomatoes can be found here.

While tomato plants may have some resistance to wilt diseases, it is still important to practice proper spacing of around 24 inches (61cm) to minimize the potential risk of other diseases. It is also recommended to ensure proper ventilation for the plants throughout the entire growing season.

Indeterminate tomato varieties, such as Super Sweet 100, continue to be produced consistently until the arrival of frost. You can anticipate your initial harvest only 60 days after transplanting them outdoors, and the tomatoes will continue to yield after that.

Benefits Of The Super Sweet 100 Tomato

benefits of the Super Sweet 100 tomato.

What To Do With Cherry Tomatoes?

After obtaining your first batch of Super Sweet 100s, you may seek inspiration on how to utilize them. Fortunately, cherry tomatoes exhibit versatility in culinary applications.

Here are several suggestions on how to incorporate them into your dishes.

To enhance the flavor, roast cherry tomatoes until they split open. Combine with other vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, string beans, asparagus, or carrots, and drizzle with oil before roasting.

To enhance your homemade pizza, consider adding sliced cherry tomatoes as an additional topping.

Cherry tomatoes can be added to salads as they are the perfect size. Slice them into circles for easy consumption.

To store cherry tomatoes, freeze them whole and enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes all year round.

If you enjoy cherry tomatoes, consider growing this particular variety. Ensure there is ample space, and you can enjoy fresh and delicious Super Sweet 100 tomatoes throughout the summer.

Distribution Of Cherry Tomato Varieties:

Distribution Of Cherry Tomato Varieties:

  • Super Sweet 100: 40%
  • Yellow Cherry Tomatoes: 20%
  • Purple Cherry Tomatoes: 20%
  • Striped Cherry Tomatoes: 20%

FAQs About Growing Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes

What are the benefits of growing Super Sweet 100 tomatoes?

The Super Sweet 100 tomato is known for its vigorous growth, high productivity, continuous yields, disease resistance, and exceptionally sweet flavor. It’s an ideal cherry tomato variety for home gardens.

When is the best time to plant Super Sweet 100 tomato seeds?

It’s recommended to start Super Sweet 100 seeds indoors 4 weeks before your last expected frost date. This gives the seedlings time to grow before transplanting them outside.

Should Super Sweet 100 tomato plants be staked or trellised?

Yes, Super Sweet 100 is an indeterminate variety that will continue growing taller throughout the season. Staking or trellising provides support and improves fruit quality.

How far apart should I space my Super Sweet 100 tomato plants?

Space plants at least 24 inches apart to minimize disease risks. Proper spacing improves airflow and allows ample sunlight to reach each plant.

How long until I see the first ripe Super Sweet 100 tomatoes?

You can expect to harvest ripe fruits about 60 days after transplanting seedlings outdoors in the garden.

How do I prune Super Sweet 100 tomato plants?

It’s recommended to prune suckers and bottom leaves. But avoid over-pruning, as Super Sweet 100 needs lots of foliage to support all its fruit production.

What are some ways to use Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes?

Enjoy them fresh, roast them, add to salads, put on homemade pizza, blend them into the sauce, or freeze extra harvests to enjoy year-round.

How do I store extra Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes?

You can refrigerate ripe tomatoes for 2-3 days. For longer storage, wash & dry the tomatoes, then freeze them whole in a single layer on a baking sheet before transferring them to bags.

Are Super Sweet 100 tomatoes resistant to any diseases?

Yes, this variety has genetic resistance to fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt, two common and destructive tomato diseases.

Where can I buy Super Sweet 100 tomato seeds or plants?

Seeds and plants are widely available at nurseries, garden centers, hardware stores, and online retailers. Ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable source.

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