Best Patio Tomato Varieties For Container Gardening

Key Takeaways

  • Patio tomatoes are ideal for small spaces, balconies, and urban gardens, offering a compact and high-yielding alternative to traditional tomato plants.
  • The right container size is crucial, with 12-14-inch pots optimal for most patio tomato varieties.
  • Cherry and grape tomato varieties thrive in hanging baskets, while determinate bush-type patio tomatoes excel in upright containers.
  • Proper soil preparation, consistent watering, and strategic pruning and staking are key to growing successful patio tomatoes in containers.
  • Explore a diverse range of patio tomato varieties, from classic Patio to flavorful Husky Red, Better Bush, and San Marzano.

Best Patio Tomato Varieties For Container Gardening.

Are you struggling to grow tasty tomatoes because of limited outdoor space?

Patio tomatoes could be your answer! These small plants are perfect for containers. They give you lots of yummy tomatoes right where you are.

This piece will show you the top patio tomato types for growing in pots. You’ll learn why they’re great, which ones to choose, and how to grow them well.

Introduction to Growing Patio Tomatoes

Growing patio tomatoes in pots are great for those with less area, like on porches or decks. They’re smaller versions of regular tomatoes, fitting well in pots. This means you can control the soil, water, and food for these plants.

Benefits of Container Gardening

Using pots for patio tomatoes has many pluses. You can grow a lot in a small space. With container gardening, you can make a perfect soil mix. This helps patio tomato plants grow bigger and better.

It also makes watering easier. This is key, especially when it’s hot outside. Your patio tomatoes can get the water they need when they need it.

Choosing the Right Container Size

Picking the right pot size for your patio tomatoes is crucial. A 10-inch pot is the smallest you should go for. A 12-14 inch pot is better for most types.3 It gives the roots room and keeps the nutrients the plants need. For bigger plants, like indeterminate tomatoes, you need a 24-inch pot. Smaller ones, like determinate tomatoes, do well in an 18-inch pot.

Or, you can choose a pot based on how much it holds. A 20-gallon pot is perfect for growing patio tomatoes.3

In hot places, black plastic pots are not good for patio tomatoes. They can get too hot.3 For the best tomatoes, use a 20-gallon pot. This is especially good for smaller types.3

Make sure you pick the right size and type of pot. This helps your patio tomatoes grow well. Then, you’ll enjoy plenty of tasty tomatoes.

Patio Tomatoes: Compact and Flavorful

Patio tomatoes are small in size and perfect for growing in containers.4 They don’t need much space or support.5 Sweetheart of the Patio, Tidy Treats, and Mighty Sweet grow well in hanging baskets.4 Varieties like Patio and Better Bush are great for containers.4 They grow up, not out.

Cherry Tomato Varieties for Containers

Cherry varieties reach about 2 feet tall, great for containers.4 Baxter’s Bush Cherry is good because it doesn’t crack.4 Sweet Baby Girl has very sweet and flavorful tomatoes.4 Gardener’s Delight are small, about an inch, with a good balance of sweet and tangy.4

Grape Tomato Varieties for Hanging Baskets

Graper tomatoes, like Sweetheart of the Patio, do well in hanging baskets.4 They give lots of 2″ to 2-1/2″ tasty fruits.4 They’re perfect for small gardens and balconies.

Determinate and Indeterminate Varieties

Determinate tomatoes grow to a certain height.4 They are good for containers.4 Examples are Patio and Marglobe, which are ready in 73 days.4 Indeterminate, like Stupice, produce bigger early tomatoes.4 Tumbling Tom Yellow offers sweet, small tomatoes.4

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Top Recommended Patio Tomato Varieties

There are many great tomato types for patio gardening in containers. The Patio type, for example, is a dwarf plant that gives medium-sized tomatoes. Husky Red and Better Bush are also good choices, each with their unique tomato sizes.6

Patio Variety

Patio tomatoes grow well in small spaces like containers. This bush-type plant needs little staking and gives lots of medium tomatoes. It’s perfect for those short on space.6

Husky Red

Husky Red is a top cherry tomato for patios and containers. It’s easy to manage and produces many sweet, little tomatoes.6

Better Bush

Better Bush is known for its small to medium fruits. It’s great for small spaces because it doesn’t need much support.6

Moby Grape

Moby Grape is perfect for hanging pots or baskets. It delivers many sweet, small tomatoes on a strong vine.2


Totem is a compact tomato variety ideal for containers. It gives many flavorful fruits on a short plant.6

Jet Star

Jet Star is perfect for those who love juicy tomatoes. It’s great for containers and gives steady supplies of medium tomatoes.6


Celebrity tomatoes are a good choice for red tomato lovers. They work well in containers, growing about 3 to 4 feet tall. This variety gives lots of meaty, tasty fruits.2

San Marzano

San Marzano tomatoes are great for sauces and canning. They do well in patio containers, offering lots of meaty, oblong tomatoes.6

Pick the right tomato types and give them what they need. With good soil, support, and fertilizer, you’ll have tasty tomatoes in your own patio.62

Caring for Patio Tomatoes in Containers

It’s vital to care for patio tomatoes in containers the right way. Start by preparing the soil well. You can use a good potting mix that’s full of nutrients or add compost to regular soil.7

Soil Preparation and Fertilization

Choose a premium quality potting mix for your patio tomatoes. Products like Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® All Purpose Container Mix work great. It has compost in it for a healthy start.3 Make sure the hole you dig for the plant is deep. It should cover two-thirds of the tomato stem. This helps the roots grow well.3

Watering and Sunlight Requirements

Patio tomatoes must be watered regularly, especially when it’s hot. But, don’t overdo it. Keep the soil just moist.8 In summer, big plants might need water almost every day.3 Also, make sure your patio tomatoes get plenty of sunlight. They need at least 6-8 hours daily.8

Pruning and Staking Techniques

Pruning helps the plant put more energy into making fruit.8 Use a trellis or stake to support your patio tomato plants. This keeps them from bending under the fruit’s weight.7 Having good air flow around your plants stops diseases too.7

Follow these tips for taking care of patio tomatoes. Soon, you’ll have lots of tasty, small fruits from your garden.738

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